International students

Navigating life as an international student comes with unique challenges. I provide support to help students navigating during their university journey and their year abroad. I specialise in assisting international students in gaining insight into their challenges, developing effective coping strategies, and fostering positive change.

Common areas we may explore together include:

Cultural Adjustments: Transitioning to a new culture can be overwhelming. I offer guidance and support to help you navigate cultural differences and find your place in your new environment.

Relational and Interpersonal Issues: Adjusting to new social dynamics and relationships can be complex. I provide a safe space to explore and address any relational challenges you may be experiencing.

Anxiety and Depression: Mental health concerns like anxiety and depression are common among students. I offer compassionate support and evidence-based strategies to help you manage these challenges.

Motivation and Performance: Feeling stuck in your academic or personal pursuits is not uncommon. I work with you to identify barriers to motivation and performance and develop strategies to overcome them.

My approach is inclusive and affirming, ensuring that all students feel heard and valued.

My background is multicultural as I grew up in Italy and lived the majority of my adult life in the UK. It also includes working for several years as a student wellbeing adviser at the University of Bristol in the UK, where I supported international students during their year abroad studies. I also currently work for IES Abroad with international students during their study abroad programme in Milan.

In our sessions, I address a range of common challenges faced by students, including:

  • Managing and maintaining mental health
  • Coping with exam stress
  • Overcoming perfectionism
  • Building resilience
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Establishing healthy boundaries

Therapy modalities

Areas Of Expertise


Many people decide to move to Italy to work, study or retire. While the expatriate lifestyle promises new and exciting cultural experiences and personal development, it also presents its own set of challenges and can be very disorientating. I’m experienced in working with expats to increase their confidence in navigating change and cultural differences, alongside any other issue you may present with.


Navigating LGBTQIA+ identities involves unique challenges that can impact on mental health. Professional support can improve resilience and personal growth. As a queer therapist, I specialise in understanding and addressing diverse relationship dynamics, providing an open-minded space for exploration.

International students

Studying abroad for the first time as a young person can be extremely rewarding and eye-opening. However, many students find themselves unprepared for some of the challenges they encounter, and need further time and space to adjust and to feel more in control. I’m experienced in supporting students in this context, and will help you to feel more equipped to make the most of your time in Italy.

Outdoor Therapy

Some people find a sitting-down therapy setting to be overwhelming and a barrier to being able to seek out support. In specific circumstances, I can provide outdoor therapy sessions in green spaces.


I can provide clinical supervision to therapists, clinical psychologists or mental health professionals, in individual and group contexts.

A safe and confidential space where you can explore the emotional, psychological and relational issues that may be recurring in your life and difficult to manage.